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210. What a PRAXIS it was!

November 30, 2012

I’m back in Chicago after a whirlwind vacation which was a 12 day / 5 city tour that included a summit that I helped put together with a bunch of friends. The summit was better than I had expected and I want to share five takeaways I’m proud of about this venture we got into six months ago. Who said vacations were about relaxing and chilling?

Well here are five things that stood out –

a) Punctuality – We started at 3.30 pm on Friday as announced and ended at 3.30 pm on Saturday as per plan – it was a 24 hour jam packed marathon but in the end we maintained time and are proud of this achievement more than any other.

b) Transparency – We were transparent about how we spent the money that was committed to us by our sponsors and will be transparent to key stakeholders about who gave us how much and how it was spent.

c) Collection of People – Never before in India has the PR community come together the way they did in Pondicherry on 23rd and 24th November 2012. If one considers Edelman, Adfactors, Genesis BM, MSL India and Perfect Relations to be the Top 5 PR firms in the country they were all represented. From IPAN H&K Strategies, Text 100, 20 20 MSL, Waggener Edstrom, APCO, Avian Media, Fleishman Hillard, Vox PR, Madison PR they were all there. The leading corporate communicators including those from Microsoft, Vedanta, GE, P&G, Airtel, Aircel and Avantha were on panels. There were professionals of all ages.

d) A positive response and a trending topic – despite a major glitch on the sound system for which I take complete responsibility there was brilliant camaraderie and a positive vibe all around. On both days PRAXIS 2012 was trending on Twitter.

e) Sum of individuals making it holistic – We assembled a line up of partners and associates who brought immense value to the summit. We signed up three event ambassadors who helped create buzz for the event in the run up. We brought two celebrity authors to talk about Storytelling. We invited two Editors who wield considerable influence in important circles. Most importantly we were a 12 member team – each representing a different organisation that made it truly secular and democratic which is what we will be remembered for.

Here’s a report of the event

Here are few of my thoughts  –

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