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205. If I were a citizen 25 reasons why I would have voted for President Obama

November 5, 2012
  1. For not belonging to an influential family
  2. For moving out of Honolulu to offer the world outstanding leadership
  3. For running for President despite all odds
  4. For embodying honesty
  5. For being politically correct
  6. For writing amazing books
  7. For getting Bin Laden eliminated
  8. For the speech at Barnard
  9. For having a wife like Michelle
  10. For raising daughters like Sasha and Malia
  11. For being an inspiration to millions
  12. For giving away his Nobel prize money to charities
  13. For keeping as many promises as he could
  14. For letting the core his heart be that of a middle class man
  15. For trying to end the war in Iraq and Afghanistan
  16. For saving the auto industry
  17. For standing up for a set of values
  18. For choosing to work up the hard way
  19. For rising high despite not being born with a silver spoon
  20. For the courage to focus on relief efforts when Sandy struck a week before elections
  21. For making the nation stabilize after having taken over in troubled times
  22. For holding his own despite vicious attacks from critics and rivals
  23. For owning up when he needed to
  24. For fighting to the finish and
  25. For the audacity of hope which motivates me a non-citizen to believe in his dram and support him unflinchingly
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