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197. TMC pulling out of UPA 2 is a bad precedent

September 19, 2012

The latest drama of taking India to ransom that Maverick Mamata has now mastered deserves to be condemned not because it leads to instability in the short term but because it is setting a wrong precedent in the long term. If regional parties dictate terms to national parties there is nothing wrong about it but when these lead to a culture of blackmail and one-upmanship a nation of over a billion people is going to suffer in the long term. The current crisis is a mix of revenge for the Presidential election goof-up and a tool for bargaining.

Coalition partners need to sign a legal agreement under the supervision of the Supreme Court before taking oath to run a government that spells out plans for the five years. This exists as the common minimum programme but does not have legal sanctity. This agreement should not have the option for a coalition to break apart during the five year duration.

India can never be the super power it aspires to be until there is a two party system which can be defined as a two alliances system. If every regional party continues these political stunts the nation loses big time. Time for a new way of governing the country – the question is who will bell the cat?

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