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196. Will Twitter rule without rules ?

August 31, 2012

Twitter is meant for the civilised world. ever since I embraced this tool 3 years ago I have come across all kinds of good, bad and ugly on Twitter. It is a great invention and for me it has completely replaced SMS, television and radio and costs nothing. However, the flip side is for those who dislike peace and love to hate this social network is a great place to hang out in.

I have been wondering how several faceless, nameless handles (the slang for a twitter ID) are allowed to thrive and create disharmony and false propoganda. Right enough, the entire controversy of an exodus of North Easterns was fueled among other things by Twitter. China has been smart to allow only locally bred media to prosper in its land.

If Twitter has to thrive and grow in India there are only three ways out for it lest it get banned, which the government is contemplating to some degree. Create two kinds of verification for users – one for celebrities, which it already has with its famous blue icon and the right symbol; the other one it needs to introduce for all other users is, possibly a similar icon in another colour.

To do this it has to offer registration codes to anyone who wants to use Twitter which are either linked to their passports or go very local and link it to their postpaid mobile numbers. Unless one has one of these two he or she has to be disconnected from twitter. While one can choose a fun or creative handle he or she has to be identified with the name as it is in the passport or the primary postpaid bill.

This may seem tedious but will have to be done sooner than later to avoid misuse and abuse of this great microblogging tool. It also needs to control retweeting and mentions to prevent rumour mongering and spread of wrong information. all this may sound ridiculous but sadly that is how the world operates – 99 people pay the price for 1 person’s folly.

This mechanism will instantly eliminate fake and dubious Twitter handles. Right to Speech will still be upheld. And real life will be mirrored in the virtual world.

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