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184. Dirty men who make Mangalore and other beautiful places filthy…

July 30, 2012

All religions were founded to offer people of that time a new direction and a model to live life around a set of values. Hinduism is a beautiful concept that dates back many centuries and is based on a belief that the whole world is a single family that deifies the one truth, and therefore it accepts all forms of beliefs and dismisses labels of distinct religions which would imply a division of identity. Hindutva is a century old creation that was coined by a Hindu Nationalist to unite a section of freedom fighters on communal lines. However, certain modern politicians have exploited this term for vested interests and what was once a call of duty has been given various forms including an embrace of arms and a call to violence in the name of religion.

India is made up of 80% Hindus and 99.9% of these Hindus are peace loving, easy-going, cheerful, cultured and tolerant people. However, knowing very well, that the .1% are gullible, easy to influence and happy to get carried away, a few politicians in the last two decades have made it their mandate to incite violence under the guise of moral policing or a protection of the Hindu religion. Sadly, youngsters especially who are uneducated and unemployed are easily inspired because of the high they get from such association thus bringing ill repute to a great nation and a bad name to those who practice the Hindusim with fervor.  There are such elements in in every region of the world. Some of them are born to Christian parents, some to Muslim parents and some others to parents who follow other religions. And no religion teaches violence but some priests and some parents plant ideologies in the minds of young children that makes them grow to become young adults who believe in ‘an eye for an eye’ or in a society where ‘might is right’ and ‘violence buys silence’. This blog is not about religion. The background is just to give you a perspective that the rapists and molesters are not Hindus though they call themselves so. A real Hindu will never resort to violence or try to outrage the modesty of a woman.

I have been a silent observer initially and in recent times occasionally joined the conversation that certain individuals who hide their identity have on Twitter. The hatred they are manufacturing is easily an outcome of three or four factors which can be discussed in a separate blog but it is enough to give one a sense of the direction that a nation dominated by those below the age of 35 is taking. I write this blog as a reaction to the latest incident to hit my native town of Mangalore and to bring out certain key questions that we need to answer given that such bouts of violence and misdeeds have become the norm in the last few years. The last month has seen a pattern emerging of a similar incident in Guwahati. These could be two isolated cases but the involvement of news TV is appalling to say the least.

I have been living in an American city for the last nine months and will continue to live here for another 21 or so. My observations of living away from India where I spent the first 30 years open my eyes to the following contrasts:

  •  There is violence everywhere in the world and it takes different forms
  • Violent people do not practice a religion though they may have belonged to one and their names may indicate which one
  • Violence is most often men fighting for fame and power and using and abusing women to achieve this goal
  • Women of every ethnicity – African, Indian, Chines, Mexican, American and European among others dress up the way they want to and walk alone at night and in the day in the city I currently live in but men treat them with respect and dignity and do not assume that they are inviting sexual assault upon themselves by dressing the way they do that some Indian politicians have theorized
  • A man who is brought up with the right values and grows up to be cultured will dare not rape a woman if she was naked in his room. So it is time we stop blaming women who dress up the way they want to as the reason for being raped
  •   This excuse holds no reasoning and is just political gibberish

Now I will dwell a bit on the city that will forever be home. The city I was born and raised in. A city that is home to some of India’s best centers of higher learning, banking and healthcare.  A city that is unique in its demographics with an almost equal number of Muslims, Christians and Hindus who speak different languages which each other understand.

Mangalore has a population of 619,664 in the urban area of which the city is home to 484,785 people. The number of males was 240,651, while the number of females was 244,134. This puts the number of women’s and girls slightly higher than men and boys. Male literacy was 96.49 per cent, while female literacy was 91.63 per cent which is high for a Middle Indian city.

Mangalore made national headlines three years ago when a bunch of goons attacked a pub because they objected to women drinking there. Soon after that there was an organized attack on churches and chapels in and around the city and some other pockets of the state. When everyone thought peace had prevailed the 28th of July was witness to another incident that is making national headlines given the video footage that is circulating.

I’m neither here to question the journalist who shot that video. Nor am I here to question the youngsters who were partying that fateful evening at Morning Mist Homestay. I’m not here to say that Mangalore is a city of saints either. With regard to the first two we can debate forever but that does not serve any purpose

I’m here to raise my voice against men and women who create acts of violence in the name of moral policing against other men and women in most cases the men acting violently, knowing fully well they have political patrons who will get them out of the mess.

I have questions for the man –

  • who thinks he has the right to physically attack another human being
  • who thinks he can get away by molesting or raping someone else’s sister or daughter because he has none
  • who takes law into his hands because he is silently supported by a lawmaker
  • who uses his strength to overpower someone who is physically weak and
  • who gets away despite evidence because of political pressure on the police

I think men with cheap minds will never be able to continue this run because women who have been victims and other men and women who support these women have had enough. There is a saturation point. The battle will not be between religious groups or political identities. It will be an all-out war between those who beat and those who have been beaten and if we have to move to the next phase of our cultural evolution and embrace civility this group of Women-Oppressors, Rapists and Molesters (WORMS) will have to be eliminated.

It is not impossible. It needs the same amount of planning these uneducated and unemployed WORMs undertake in smaller groups and we will move to a new era where women can enjoy their lives in the land of Kama Sutra fearlessly, wear what they are comfortable in and not know that there was a time when this breed of disgusting men existed.

Check the video –

See the images  –

This is not a letter to those dirty men because they won’t read and they won’t understand because they were either born to parents who did not care or produced them to add to the dirt. This is for those who are giving up hope about our society and about our city. This is for you to let you know that all is not well, but all is not over. There is hope.

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