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181. The PRomise chugs along…

July 15, 2012

This will be the last PRomise blog written in my personal blogosphere. PRomise has its own home and starting now blogs and guest blogs will appear there. This blog is about how PRomise has already started living up to its name – of making one and keeping it.

As soon as we announced our formation and of plans to follow up our first initiative – the scholarship with a national conference there were couple of entities keen to partner with us on their terms. The core principles on which PRomise has been created is Trust, Credibility and Passion for the profession. The lack of any one of these in anything we do will not be in interest of the profession.

So we are happy to inspire others to do what we do and do it better. We wish well to those who think we are here for a competition. All we know is that we are here because of shared beliefs and the love of the profession and we will grow from strength to strength.

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