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180. The Congress’ PM choices – what does BJP have?

July 14, 2012

My preferred choice for Prime Minister after the next election is Nitish Kumar. But after seeing three major blows the BJP has dealt to itself in the past month I am not sure if the latter it is capable of bringing NDA to power and Nitish will have to wait a while to be the Prime Minister. Considering the UPA comes back to power in 2014 with Congress emerging, yet again as the single largest party who do you think are probable PM candidates, should Manmohan Singh choose to retire?

I think it has five bright sparks who have two things going for them – excellent education and great experience of public life. They may not have the popular vote but time will tell. The six choices Congress has to choose from are Kapil Sibal – Harvard Law School educated, Salman Khurshid – Oxford educated, Jairam Ramesh -IIT educated, Sheila Dikshit (longest serving woman CM of India – woman behind Delhi Metro, T3 and great roads in Delhi) and Meira Kumar (first woman speaker of Parliament’s lower house). I know there will be a lot of brickbats for this blog because all these men and women have  a large group of haters. But these haters are mostly on social networks and they do not comprise the decision makers.

I have purposely left out Rahul Gandhi and Palaniappan Chidambaram because they  could be wild cards. I am a novice in political punditry but 25 months from now we will know who will run the nation. Until then the cows can come home.

Below are the  profiles of each of these 5 distinguished men and women I just mentioned:

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