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179. Any publicity is good publicity and bad publicty if handled well can be great

July 13, 2012

After reading the Flipkart cover story on Forbes India (which went online on July 5th) and was available at newsstands two weeks prior I am convinced that any publicity is good publicity because Indians have proved time and again that they have a short memory. Some of the recent examples are Suresh Kalmadi, A Raja, Lalit Modi among others.

The trick is in handling the bad publicity well  and five ways to do that are

a) To decide early to either completely ignore it or to take it head on right from the start

b) To have a point of view and share it on owned media like social networks, website and in house outlets

c) To ride the tide because if you have a great support base then there must be something you are doing right and that base will neutralise the negativity (We saw that in the case of A Raja, Lalit Modi and Flipkart)

d)  To show openness to criticism and not let it bog you down

e) To be brave and move on realise there are good times and bad times

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