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175. The Presidential Election gets dirty

July 9, 2012

In a blog I wrote over 6 weeks ago about the probable Presidential hopefuls I captured all the names that were doing the rounds and two of those are pitted against each other. While one carries himself with dignity – worthy of a future President, the other is trying to bring a bad name to himself by trying to position himself as a Tribal and Christian candidate. Here are a few  reasons.

The 13th President will take office in 13 days and it has been a vicious campaign by one of the two candidates. Stooping low in politics is not new but to stoop to the level Purno Sangma has done is sickening. When a Presidential candidate refers to the Presidential office as a dumping ground there is nothing one can hope from the candidate.

The sad aspect is the desperation with which attempts have been made to scuttle Pranab Mukherjee’s candidacy.  Running a race where one is not sure of the electoral outcome is understandable but in an election where the voting pattern is known can be really foolish for one to contest and Sangma has become a street side candidate supported by the BJP.

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