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174. Karnataka deserves better governance

July 8, 2012

If one compared the way the government is run at the centre in the last 5 years with the way the government in the state of Karnataka is run there are 3 key differences. The opposition at the centre should shut their mouths forever given the way their party governs this great state. I say ‘great’ not because I hail from the state but because the state has potential to be a country on its own with several attributes it has that many countries do not have.

Firstly, the  government which was a single largest party was formed in 2009 with horse trading which was branded Operation Lotus . The Reddy brothers that brought BJP to power was also responsible in putting the party in the mess it is in currently. But no where in the history of modern state politics has a former chief minister who resigned on charges of corruption been allowed a free run in changing chief ministers at his whim and fancy – while some may admire his clout I would say it is the beginning of the rout.

So, the key difference between the two governments are that one dynasty has been building the party and adding stability to the government while the other family has destroyed the party and its credibility. While one party is confident of surviving on a wafer thin majority the other party at the state level has been buying MLAs. Finally while one Prime Minister has survived 8 years despite all the pulls of coalition politics an honest chief minister is thrown out in 11 months because he was honest.

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