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170. Competiting with oneself is the only way

July 4, 2012

Other than in sporting events, I have realised that the secret to do the right things and be happy is to compete with oneself. The moment we join a race we end up either hurting others or ourselves. This fundamental principle I have embraced in creating the first of its kind non-profit in India for Public Relations – the PRomise Foundation.

As I roll out the first phase of the PRomise Foundation there will be many bouquets but there will also be many brickbats, but most of all it will be a wake up call to several other individuals and groups to join an imaginary race.  There will be criticisms, attempts to interfere and unsolicited advise. But most of all there will be replications or copycats and my approach is to welcome as many people to do good for a cause they believe in.

In the end this is a small drop in the ocean of the profession of Public Relations. So many drops will make a mighty ocean. The serious drops will remain and those who joined in for a race that did not exist will evaporate.

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