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169. Who could be India’s next VicePresident?

July 3, 2012

The present Vice President of India completes his term in less than a month and unless he is given a second term chances are we will see an unexpected face in this high office. The Vice President is the Chairman of the Upper House and in that capacity manages the proceedings of the house when it it is in session. His other duty is to be the Acting President if the President dies, resigns or is impeached.

This blog is about 7 possible names who could be India’s next Vice President.  It all depends on the factors of region, religion and gender that the UPA leadership will consider. But the front runners are as follows:

Two men from Karnataka (the state has never had a President after B D Jatti in the mid 70s and is the first south Indian state where the BJP formed a government. It is possible  that S M Krishna and Veerappa Moily will be nominated. If the Congress wants to trumpet its support for tribals and the North East they would do well in nominating former Nagaland chief minister S C Jamir if his health permits. If the opposition decides to project Jaswant Singh it is highly possible that the Congress will propose K C Deo for the  post of Vice President – as a tribal nominee. There could be a dark horse that emerges but the other two names that have done the rounds in the past and could be a possibility are Ram Gopal Yadav of the Samjwadi Party because they have the numbers and that of  Mohsina Kidwai – who could end up being the first muslim womanVicePresident.

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