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167. How Mamata trapped herself and what she can do now…

June 30, 2012

If you have played Chess, you will know it is a game of strategy. Strategy is both short term and long term – the immediate move and the possibilities of knowing what an opponent can do and then what you will do are all part of this short term and long term strategy. Sadly, Mamata Banerjee – the poster girl of Indian politics must have not played Chess or she would not have ended up a loner, for now.

Therefore, given there are three weeks before the Presidential elections Mamata has the the following options – to back Pranab (it may come across as belated but she will at least be able to go to the rural Bengali and say she contributed in giving India the first President from the state for whatever its worth). To abstain (which leads to people from her own party defying her and voting in favour of Pranab). Or to vote against him and  in favour of a former party man (he walked in and out of the TMC) who is backed by the opposition BJP and end up getting thrown out of the UPA.

All depends on what Mamata’s closest aides adviser her to do. and also what her whims dictated before or on voting day. Using the Presidential poll to dig one’s grave is an absolute fallacy. Mamata needs to learn how to play Chess and then get on with governing a state which is in dire need of better leadership.

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