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166. Office politics should not be a big deal to deal with

June 29, 2012

There are books, articles and blogs found in abundance on the tricky topic of office politics. I have been fortunate to have never been a victim of or party to office politics in my 9 years of work life. I write this blog because I have had friends, especially in Public Relations calling me in recent times to vent their angst and share their CVs because they have not been able to deal with office politics.

It is unfortunate that the increase in office politics has been high in the last decade than it has ever been and there could be various reasons for that. I want to share three tips that can help people stay away from and navigate the maze of office politics efficiently and effectively. To each his or her own but this has worked for me.

First, never outshine the boss – bosses love team players whom they can trust, individuals whom they can consider to be pillars and whom they can learn from without being threatened & people who are cleverly curious, constructively creative and committed to a cause. Second, never compete with anyone else but yourself – this eliminates 90% of the politics that one hears of – the only way to do this is by practice, by being understated, by not showing off and by constantly challenging yourself at the cost of not being ambitious yet having reasonable ambitions (the two are different). Thirdly, to offer something unique without being disrespectful of coworkers and constantly doing things right and not just doing the right things (the two are different).

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