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160. How the BJP ended up getting a muslim and a tribal-roman catholic closer to Presidency

June 21, 2012

It is ironic the the BJP – known for its Hindutva agenda  ended up strategically nominating for Presidency a nuclear scientist – APJ Abdul Kalam who went on to win in 2002. In 2007 they supported Congress rebel Najma Heptullah (a tall muslim leader) and in 2012, they have either strategically or by default ended up being on the side of probably the  first candidate who declared his candidacy before his party or any other party could nominate him over a month before the election. As the NCP spokesperson put it, the saffron party showed its leadership bankruptcy by importing a Presidential candidate from the UPA in the form of PA Sangma.

I think if there is any tribal leader who deserves to be President it should be Kishore Chandra Deo. It is possible that if the UPA has its way either in 2017 or even for the VicePresidential election next month it may choose this well renowned man as its candidate to ensure a tribal is represented at the highest possible level. This blog is not about speculation or about religions the candidates or the proposers belong to but about the irony of Indian politics.

While a woman of Italian origin and roman catholic lineage decides who gets to be  India’s next President, an Indian born Roman Catholic decides to contest against her candidate with the support of a pro-Hindutva party. While there is no big deal about it all this goes to show a) how unprepared the opposition was for these elections and  b) how they use people who do not have a chance to win from outside their party belonging to minority communities hoping they will earn some brownie points.



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