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159. Fundraising for Obama – why would I do it?

June 20, 2012

I became a fan of Obama in 2008 despite not having visited the United States back then. Millions of global citizens shared in the joy that a majority of Americans felt when this unusual politician rose to become the 44th President of the the world’s most powerful nation. Ever since then there have been several crises across the world that have dented the popularity of this great leader.

I moved to this country for a personal and professional experience  in Fall 2011 and realized what makes this country what it is – beautiful and powerful. The fact that Obama was elected in 2008 goes on to show that this country is way ahead of most democracies. His continuing in power for another four years is important not only for the US but for the entire world.

As the momentum of the re-election campaign builds up there is a Presidential election underway in my home country and to say the least it seems so uninspirational to 99% of the population. Neither can the select or elect directly who gets to be President or for that matter the Prime Minister who actually runs the government.   Since I live in Chicago at present I feel inclined to participate in the Obama Victory Fund because it feels so clean to contribute to it and that big corporations have no role to play in determining how and how much funds are raised – it is ordinary citizens and residents that contribute to funding the campaign.

If you are a permanent resident or citizen of the USA and feel inclined to contribute please click on the link and also get to attend a reception with Michelle Obama on June 26th.


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