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158. Communicating – so many options yet we cannot connect

June 18, 2012

In the last two years the number of options two smartphone or two social-network savvy people can connect with each other have tripled. Besides face to face and voice (including skype and the like) the data options are manifold and the list can go on and on. We have texting (which is popularly called SMS), we have email (most people have at least two email addresses), then there is Twitter (DM’s if you follow each other and mentions otherwise), there is Facebook (and LinkedIn) – these have private messaging options besides the wall on the former, then there are smart phone apps for free texting like blackberry messenger (exclusively to balckberry users) and whatsapp (works on any smartphone).

Despite almost ten options that several of us have we end up not being able to connect so often and this has got to do with we not communicating the best time to reach us or the inability to use technology smartly or both. I just purchased an apple iPhone after resisting the gadget for a long while. I am a great fan of Apple the brand but have never been too fond of  its products for practical reasons (A blackberry has been part of my professional life for over three years and this doubled as a personal phone as well. However after moving to the US a need for a second phone emerged primarily to connect on voice long distance with friends and family back in India. But I realised instead of using two blackberries it was time to replace one with an iPhone so I get a little bit Apple-ized)

So now I have an iPhone 4 which will be my primary phone for international calling and for all things on the internet – social networks, news and personal email. The blackberry which the office provided me with will be primarily for national and local voice, text, bbm and office mails. So much for technology that we need to organise them in compartments so we can make optimum use of the battery.

The best time to reach me on voice is  between 7 pm and 9 pm on my handphone and between 10 am and 5 pm on my office land phone. Am I asking for too much? Or just being straightforward?

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