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156. No one is indispensable !

June 15, 2012

Most of us believe at some point of time in our professional and very often in our personal lives that we are indispensable. Most often this is a myth we create and in some cases media creates this myth. The events this week in the world of Indian politics have three lessons that show no one is indispensable.

Pranab Mukherjee has been perceived to be Man Friday of the UPA government but his nomination as a Presidential candidate proves that the government can manage without him. Mamta Banerjee who badly runs a regional party and heads the government of a state assumed she was indispensable to the candidature but her bluff was called and she is forced into isolation. The same goes with the Samajwadi Party which realised that it had no option but to side with the UPA in order to survive some tough times ahead in the courts of law.

The interesting thing is that four vacancies open up – the leader of the house in the Lok Sabha, the Finance Minister’s job, the principal troubleshooter’s role in the UPA government, and the defacto number two in the cabinet. No one is indispensable. and this event will give several second rung leaders to rise and shine. Seven names who will have a role to play in a much bigger way are S M Krishna or Sharad Pawar as defacto number two; Jairam Ramesh or Anand Sharma as finance minister; Kapil Sibal or Sushil Kumar Shinde as Leader of the House and Kamal Nath or A K Antony as principal troubleshooters.

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