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152. Ikea Chicago without public transport!

May 25, 2012

Ikea is a great place to spend a day. However, you can order from Ikea completely online as well. There are 2 Ikeas in the state of Illinois and both are in the outskirts of Chicago. The one closer is Bolingbrook Ikea (but it is smaller of the two) but using Public Transport it is easier to reach Schaumburg Ikea.

This is how you get there. Though weekends are crowded you should avoid weekdays unless you use your own transportation (you’ll notice why in point 3) in that case the next three points are of no help.

1. Take Blue line from downtown (Clark and lake) to Rosemont (towards O’ hare) – this is the penultimate stop.
2. The moment you step out of the Rosemont station you get onto the Pace bus 606 which runs every 20 minutes and get down at the Woodfield Mall [This is an amazing mall, you should check the mall before venturing to Ikea which is a 15 minute walk or a 5 minute free trolley ride] Also the bus charges $1.75 so keep change handy as the driver does not keep change.
3. To avoid the 15 minute walk from Woodfield Mall to Ikea it is best to take the trolley which runs only on Friday and saturday until 9 pm and Sunday until 6 pm. This is free

It looks long and cumbersome but is worth the wait and from the time you are on blue line till you reach Ikea it is about 75 minutes excludes waiting time for 606 and the trolley. The cost of one way travel is $4 – cheap.

While at Ikea make sure you try their amazing food at the restaurant on the third floor. (my biggest motivation to go to ikea)

The cheapest bed option at Ikea is
Remember Ikea sells the cot, the base, the spring board and the mattress separately to help you mix and match

Also, good to buy all your big pieces at one go to save on transportation cost.They have a fixed fee whether it is one item or ten.

Also when you decide what you want to buy after seeing the display pieces you have to pick the packed pieces on the ground (1st) floor and then take it to the counter for billing. In case you do not want to go through that because it is heavy they will pick it up for you at an extra fee.

You can fix things yourself and assemble the furniture. However, if you chose to pay for assembly at time of purchase, once the stuff reaches your home you will have to wait for the assembly guy who will come within 24 hours to fix it. So keep all this in mind.

In the end it is all worth it and a great experience.

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