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151. The Alternate BQC

May 2, 2012
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The alternate #BQC (Brain Quest Challenge) is to complement the Twitter Quiz by @QuizDerek (Derek O’brien). Held every Sunday morning at 9.30 IST (11 pm CT Saturday night), the idea to kickstart this three-question quiz came when Derek was absconding from twitter for a couple of days because of a controversy involving the Trinamool Congress party and a college professor over a cartoon. This was to be the back up quiz but Derek resurfaced and there were 2 quizzes with equally decent prizes – this is more like a warm up for that.

After two Sundays of trial run in April, the quiz became a weekly feature every Sunday in summer (May-July, except on July 8th – that makes it 12 sundays). The first correct answer to each of the three questions (that reply to me using the hashtag #BQC) each Sunday win – FIRST ANSWER FROM THE HANDLE WILL BE ACCEPTED + ONLY ONE HANDLE PER PERSON, PARTICIPATING FROM MULTIPLE HANDLES IS FORBIDDEN. I will pick 3 unique winners every fortnight – which means one person can only win once for every 6 questions and therefore not more than 6 times in this season or Rs 1200/- in total, so more people get a chance to win.

Each winner gets a Rs 200/- gift e-voucher to  shop on valid for one year. The winners will have to follow the quiz-master at least for a day so as to be directly messaged the email address on to which one can mail in order to receive the prize s/he will receive the e-voucher by email within 7 days of winning.

Some pointers –

The questions will be India specific and with a theme each Sunday.  The first question will be tweeted at 9.35 am IST and the other 2 questions will follow subsequently with a gap of 4-5 minutes. The answers and winners will be announced by 10.00 am. The quiz is self financed by the quizmaster out of a specially created budget arising from a passion for quizzing and is not sponsored by any individual or organization.

Theme – (wherever possible connected to Derek, Mamta and the Trinamool congress which inspired this initiative)

May 6th – Surprise, surprise

May 13th – Mother (inspired by Maa Mati Manush and Mothers Day)

May 20th – Trinamool (one year of power in WB)

May 27th –  Rajiv Gandhi (21 years after his death, celebrating the man who brought Mamta to national politics)

June  3rd –  Men from east India who made it big in second careers (inspired by Derek)

June 10th – Presidential hopefuls with a West Bengal connection

June 17th – 300 days of Derek in Parliament

June 24th – Women in Indian politics

July 1st –  Mamata – an unusual life

July 15th – P A Sangma – a former Trinamool Congress member

July 22nd – Somnath Chaterjee (the man Mamta defeated in 1984)

July 29th – The New President

Some of the sub themes subject to change without prior intimation. Quiz masters decision is final. (shortlink)

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