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150. My schedule in moving parts

May 1, 2012  (short link)

This is my public diary of events and engagements. Those that I have committed my time to. The objective is to create an experiment of an open diary (anyone can view) and also to help people know how my time is booked in the next six months to help them plan things that would require my presence accordingly.

March 23-26: Washington D.C. (4 days with the Cherry Blossoms, the museums and 3 world famous buildings)

April 19: Shen Yun (at Civic Opera House)

April 23-25: Nobel Peace Summit, Chicago (volunteer)

May 2: An Evening with Yanni (8 pm at Chicago Theater)

May 4-7: Days with guest from India

May 13: Mothers Day (lunch for two mothers in Chicago of Mangalorean origin)

May 17: An evening of drinking and dancing with the practice group

May 20-21: NATO Summit , Chicago (volunteer)

May 26-28: Memorial Day weekend (St Louis)

June 1-5: House guests

June 10: Detroit to meet Bodhi

June 17-20: National Conference on Volunteering and Service

June 24-26: IABC World Conference (volunteer)

June  27 : BIC dinner

June 29: Loop Mithraru at Home

June 30: Drinks at Trump Towers Terrace Bar with Chicago Friends

July 4: American Independence Day holiday

July 6-8: Smoky Mountains trail

July 14: Dad arrives from India (12 noon at ORD by LH)

July 20: Cirque – MJ Immortal Tour (at United Center)

August 12: Boston and

August 13-14: Executive program in Marketing Management at Harvard University, Cambridge

August 15-16: Buffalo including Niagara Falls

September 23: Dad departs to India (1540 hrs from ORD by LH)

October 16-19: Royal Roads strategic Leadership Program at Victoria, BC – Canada

October 29-31: Global PR Summit by Holmes Group in Miami

November 6: Election Day

November 15-29: India visit  (proposed)

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