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141 What IPRCC should do to build its reputation as ‘the’ award for reputation managers…

April 20, 2012

Last month India witnessed the second edition of the only national-level PR awards. The awards are a great initiative by the organizers and an event that is much needed for the public relations business in India. However there is a lot that needs to be done in order to make the event an ongoing success and bring robustness and credibility to it.

  1. The event needs to be announced, publicized and promoted at least six months before the awards night which is five months before the due date assuming the due date is four weeks before the actual date
  2. The event should have a publicly available microsite with details of the categories, methods to submit and a section that has the winning entries of the past awards
  3. The jury should be announced a month before the event once the deadline for submission is reached so that organizers can avoid jury members for participating organizations
  4. It is best to avoid active professionals from PR firms from within India. If possible bring in 2-3 PR professionals from other parts of Asia who belong to PR firms that have not submitted entries
  5. Have a mix of various media and communications professionals from the earned, owned and paid sections including marketing professionals
  6. Bring together PR firm heads for a high tea or dinner at least 2 months before the awards to create traction and build momentum for the event. Make it inclusive.
  7. Plan the chief guest and the keynote speaker right now and block his or her time 10 months in advance and not 7 weeks before the event
  8. Make a PR event use PR effectively and efficiently. Live stream the event for those who cannot attend and live tweet the event with accurate spelling of people and companies
  9. Lastly, create smarter categories (learn from Cannes) and avoid individual recognitions so as to not alienate people. Focus on the teams and the firms. Award the best firm for the number of awards it entered and for the number it won rather than for whimsical reason.

If these suggestions are put into practice there is scope for the IPRCC being embraced by many and talked of highly by the influencer. After all the awards are for the professionals who create influence for brands and companies.

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