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134 What I do with Edelman Chicago

March 6, 2012

I have had several people ask me how I secured a job with Edelman Chicago. Since that question has been answered in blog 114 the question everyone has is what do I do at Edelman Chicago. Well, this blog should answer that.

I am part of an experimental program for the firm and for me, that exposes me to several practices that are highly evolved in this market. The duration at each practice may vary but could range between 3-6 months. After or during these stints I will do a deeper dive of a few days in 3-4 other US markets making connections, learning best practices and sharing insights about India and the way PR is evolving in India with US colleagues.

The goal is to then take these learnings back to Asia, specifically to India or to any other market the company’s management assigns me to. This is a good transition from the learning to the earning phase (as outlined in – blog 132) for me and fits into the career plan I carved for myself. It is an enriching experience and I’m fortunate to be where I am.

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