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131. The PRomise Foundation for Public Relations

February 21, 2012

A not-for-profit initiative with one goal – Doing PR for Public Relations in India

What are the objectives to achieving the goal?

The three objectives of the PRomise Foundation are:

·         Offer inspiration to students of Public Relations and practitioners of the profession by way of online initiatives

·         Create high standards of world-class practices for PR professionals to take the business to higher levels

·         Increase the reputation of reputation management in India knowledge sharing through awards and events

       Why the name Promise?

·         The least Public Relations professionals can do is do some public relations for their own profession

·         It is a PRomise to build a solid and positive reputation for the art and science of Public Relations

·         It is a word that we use all the time in dealing with various stakeholders especially clients

Who is the PRomise Foundation?

The PRomise Foundation is a group of PR professionals guided by an advisory board. (To be formally launched in end-June 2012)

What will PRomise Foundation do?

The PRomise Foundation has six key programmes. One of which is creating an event that brings together professionals from different organisations – both consulting firms and in-house.  The other five programmes will be announced in due course.

How will PRomise Foundation raise funds?

The PRomise Foundation will raise funds through sponsorships, donations and registration fee at events.

More to come on promisefoundation (dot) com in July. In the meanwhile  write to me at amithpr at gmail dot com

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