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129. Connections in Chicago…

February 19, 2012

When I chose Chicago to be my temporary home, the only two families with connection to my homeland that I knew was Aparna Pai and family and Bhuvana Krishnamurthy and family.

Aparna is the older sister of Ajit Pai – one of my best friend. I spent a weekend with her and her lovely sons Sid and Rohan during each of my three previous visits to Chicago in March & October 2010 and April 2011.

Bhuvana was my colleague in 2005 while we worked at Genesis Bangalore. She is the mother to 17 month old twins and has a husband who besides being intelligent is very helpful.

The third set of two and half couples I knew of, but was not in touch with in recent times is the next set of social circle. Rajath and Sowmya (Rajath is the childhood friend of Radhika. She and I met in Gurgaon in 2004 as she was a colleague’s room mate. When I moved to Bangalore the following year she connected me to him and we met once for dinner after which we lost touch) are an interesting couple with a Kannada connection. Naveen and Deepthi were my college mates at Symbiosis and are married to each other and now live in Chicago. Finally, Aditya is Ajit’s (mentioned above) brother in law and just graduated last summer and works in Chicago.

In January, a friend back in India connected me to his batch mate who was transferred from Bangalore to Chicago – Nivedita Bhatacharjee is a new friend and we are both alumnus of Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication. Through her I met Maha and Varun and hopefully this will become a gang.

The purpose of this blog is to help connect the various people highlighted in bold and for those curious about my social life in windy city to get a quick overview.

2012 is a great time to be in Chicago which turns 175 years old on march 5th and  it is a time of new beginnings, new learning and new friendships.


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