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128 Newsmakers for no rhyme or reason

January 20, 2012

Last week two interesting things happened in the lives of two men – one in Bangalore and one in Mumbai. Social media and online trade media made much about these two incidents with both the men in question putting no effort to be in the news. The men in question are respected in their business and are well established beyond doubt, but the media sensationalizes incidents and creates a mountain out of a mole hill.

The first was Tinu Cherian – possibly the Indian with the highest number of followers on Twitter (outside of major celebrities who have verified accounts). This link explains the case   – my point is how we get carried away without verification and do not care to do a due diligence. Tinu Cherian could be absolutely innocent here and was manipulated by someone who hates IIPM (I dislike IIPM too but would not stoop to something so cheap).

The other incident was Bobby Pawar changing jobs. His previous employer did something unusual and smart and you can see that here  ( but the way the 3-4 leading trade media portals made it look and feel was as if Bobby Pawar was going to take over from Bobby Jindal. My point is when there is so much relevant for readers to learn from why waste energy and space to sensationalize.

PS –  I have not met any of the men mentioned in the post and do not have any personal grudge against them being famous or getting more attention. As I write this post I’m reading about the #ifeelup controversy where a journalist whom I hold in high respect got trapped  either knowingly or unknowingly.

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