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127 Why the Indian Army General must retire this year?

January 20, 2012

There has been the ongoing controversy ( of the age of the current Army General. The issue turned into a crisis lat week when General V K Singh took the matter to court. The best thing to do would have been to resign and thus embarrass the government, if that was the intention or settle the dispute out of court.

India is a peace loving country and despite all the talk of incompetence the current defence minister is  hailed as one of the few national politicians known for his honesty. The army chief was setting a wrong precedent by taking the matter to court as he himself has got entry into the army at a younger age and therefore rising through the ranks to become the chief of the army. (It is possible if the right age was entered by him he would have been rejected for being underage in 1965 or it is also possible that if he entered the army a year later there could have been a different line of succession after the previous chief retired in 2010 – )

As head of the Indian army and holding the 12th rank in order of precedence  (, the army chief should have been more responsible in rectifying his age early in his career if he felt there was an error. The attempt to change records is like saying I will have the cake and eat it too and deprive someone in the line of succession his chance because of a silly mistake I made either on purpose or inadvertently to gain entry into the army.

PS – The desperation to correct one’s age to stay longer in a position at best is a cunning and corrupt way of retaining power and a wrong signal being sent to the nearly 1.3 million army and the 1.3 billion Indians.

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