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124 2011: A year to remember for Public Relations in India

January 6, 2012
  1. The  first Indian awards for Public Relations and Corporate Communications were held in New Delhi thus giving  the community of PR professionals a new reason to excel
  2. The ninth of the 10 top global PR firms made an entry to India with Ketchum acquiring Sampark. The only one pending is Golin Harris  (Edelman, Weber Shandwick,  Fleishman, BM, MSL, H&K, Ogilvy, EuroRSCG, FD are already here here – )
  3. Three Indians (Senjam, Roma and Debasis) featured in a list of  100 most influential in house communicators in the world
  4. Tatas chose to handover their entire PR business to a firm without a pitch and that spoke volumes of how India’s largest PR spender as a group, trusted in good faith the world’s largest PR firm
  5. Several  global PR firm CEOs made their maiden India trip in 2011 and some came for the second or third time thus sending a message of how important India is as a market for their business.
  6. Smaller (and by smaller, I mean those who are not in the Top 10 and are not part of a large holding company) global firms opened India offices – Ruder Finn, Bite, Waggener Edstorm were three of those who opened up in India in 2011
  7. First of the founders of a Top 10 PR firm retired when Sunil Gautam moved on from being Chairman at Hanmer MSL
  8. Vasihnavi shut shop and this is historical because no other large PR firm in the last decade has closed abruptly because the founder was embroiled in a controversy with the government
  9. Three other big PR spenders – Microsft, Mahindra & Mahindra and Airtel found new PR partners in 2011
  10. The first (arguably) direct hire by a global PR firm into a US office from India (This was not a transfer, not a secondment and not a local hire of an Indian; when Edelman offered an H1B visa and a job to yours truly)
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