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123 The Best and Worst Indian Communicators of 2011

January 6, 2012

2011 indeed was a milestone year in public communications the world over. In India too some outstanding personalities were in the news for either communicating well or just not communicating.  Here is a short list of 11 who made an impact – either with a good use of words and are definitely in the league of best communicators or who chose to be silent and not communicate at all thus messing or missing an opportunity.

The best communicators –

1. Anna Hazare for creating an uproar in the national capital and gathering an ocean of humanity to fight corruption.

2. Dhanush for making a viral out of nonsensical lyrics and uniting India with Kolaveri Di.

3. Shonan Kothari  for giving India its first real flash-mob with the choreograph at CST and communicating a message of peace.

4. Anand Mahindra for being one of the first Indian CEOs to take to Twitter and swim like a fish in water.

5. Rahul Dravid for the Bradman Oration and letting the world know that Indian sportspersons can go beyond slapping and showing fingers

(Also nominees for the best communicators were Nirupama Rao (currently ambassador to the US for making adopting twitter as part of her job as then Foreign secretary; Jaypee Sports for communicating the Indian Grand Prix in a thousand ways, Firstpost – for becoming the only portal of its kind on news and views and finally Ratan Tata for managing several transitions smoothly and not letting anyone break two of the big stories: Vaishnavi’s closure and Cyrus’ as successor)

The worst Communicators –

1. Manmohan Singh for a year-long of pin drop silence.

2. Kiran Bedi for almost derailing the campaign against coruption in more ways than one.

3. Suhel Seth for being a communication advisor to several companies and yet not being able to manage his own. The spats with Pritish Nandy and ITC were two of the many Twitter goof ups the author of Get To The Top was a part of.

4. Nitin Gadkari for not communicating enough as chief of India’s principal opposition party and thus missing several buses to put the ruling coalition on the mat.

5. Jigna Vora for having over communicated with the underworld when her job was to report about them and ensuring the murder of a fellow journalist

(Other nominees for the worst communicator were Nira Radia for shutting shop in a hurry with a flimsy excuse, AMRI spokesperson for mismanaging communications after the hospital fire in Kolkata, DNA for wrongly announcing Shashi Kapoor’s death on Twitter and a bunch of fly by night telecom entrepreneurs who spent better part of the year in Tihar Jail)

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