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118 The Editors and Reporters we deal with

December 26, 2011

Increasingly the world of media is getting complex with several overlaps in the way news media functions formally and informally. But the men and women who drive this web are journalists who begin with a desk job or a field job and end up as Editors. This post is about three categories of journalists I have interacted over the past eight years as a public relations professional.

The most common journalists are those who belong to a category of professionals that we come across in every media business – normal, regular, plain and simple. But there are three varieties who need to be understood better to do a good job of ensuring seamless a media relationship. My favourites here are those who respect the sensitivities person, organization or entity that they are writing about – they do not hanker about breaking news and therefore are a class apart and I have had the pleasure of knowing a few gems like these.

Then there are those whose only motivation is to break a story first – sometimes misled by their sources and sometimes not – at the cost of sensationalizing the story to suit either an ulterior motive or a selfish gain. Finally there are those who remain in between – they would love to be part of the action but are neither ambitious nor careful as they prefer walking the middle path and remain there and these there are plenty.

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