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117 Differentiating between PR highs and lows and highs and lows in the PR business

December 16, 2011

Public Relations a s a term is abused, overused and misused by lot of grown ups including me, at times.  People set out to write articles or give speeches on Public Relations often considering Public Relations to be a tool of marketing. More often it is much more than that – it is a function of managing reputation, organising information flow and creating perception.

Public Relations is a very powerful function. Some former PR professionals are very powerful people today – David Cameron, Shashi Tharoor are two of the examples (for those unaware of the fact Mr Tharoor was the under Secretary General at the UN for Communications and his remit included PR as well). We often hear people referring to PR highs and lows in general, as those of the PR profession  and that is injustice to the several practitioners of the profession.

 There is a big difference between –

“opportunities missed to activate public relations & the opportunities where public relations was well handled” and

“the highs and lows for PR as a profession.

Sadly, people refer to PR as an industry when it is just another service (but a very powerful one) offered on a consultancy basis.   Have you heard of law industry, doctor industry or CA industry???

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