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113 Thoughts on Public Relations

May 24, 2011

These are a collection of a dozen thoughts on Public Relations (PR) I tweeted one summer night. Feel free to agree, disagree…

  1. PR companies are called firms or consultancies, never agencies.
  2. PR professionals are called executives associates, managers or consultants, never PRs.
  3. PR firms are modeled around law firms, never around ad agencies – so don’t mistake them for the latter.
  4. PR is not about media relations alone -that’s sometimes 0% – it involves CSR, digital, crisis, employee comm etc.
  5. PR firms work on project fee or retainers – sometimes even for an hourly fee, like law firms not on commissions like travel agents or real estate agencies.
  6. PR as a profession was created to build new and strengthen existing relationships, not to produce media output or coverage.
  7. PR is a low investment high return service and needs some formal education to be done right, not for anyone and everyone.
  8. PR can be measured and terms of measurement are determined by campaign creators or the client or both, not by third parties.
  9. PR is not just doing, it’s mostly about thinking. And thinking not just about the right things but thinking about doing everything right.
  10. PR is based on strategy and bringing them to life through tactics.
  11. PR is science like medicine and law and people in the profession practice it. Quacks do exist but can be found out easily.
  12. PR is also an art which every human being can practice and that is different from the science which is bread and butter to thousands globally.
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