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107 More good work !

May 10, 2011

I was one of the first two employees at APCO Worldwide which had just won the mandate to promote one of India’s states as a great business destination. The task at hand was hard because the state was in the black for the wrong reasons and was working hard on changing the perceptions the world had of it. Getting international reporters to visit the state using tourism promotions was the only way to expose the great development taking place and we succeeded.

Two of the other clients we did some interesting work for was IL&FS for whom we created a fool proof plan to create an annual property targeting investment managers looking at the India story. The plan was robust and detailed. However the project was not executed due to the global financial turmoil that followed.

Dow Corning was the other client for whom some great work on stakeholder engagement was done. Getting journalists to understand that Dow Corning and Dow Chemicals are different entities and taking media to the silicone plant one at a time to educate them about the fascinating world of silicones was a gigantic task that was done with utmost care. Those interested in learning more about these cases feel free to meet me over coffee and I’ll walk you through them.

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