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106 Good work is remembered…

May 10, 2011

Over the last 8 years I have spent quality time learning and understanding how brands relate to consumers and this series of blogs captures some of the better ideas, well executed. My favourite piece of work is how a telecom brand Hutch (now Vodafone) made theatre part and parcel of its community outreach and subscriber marketing in partnership with Odeon, Prithvi and Rangashankara. Why theatre you may ask – because the brand believed good quality theatre needed support and who better than a modern communication company to reach out to a form of communication that has been on life support.

The next big public relations campaign was for the coffee brand Bru from Unilver. In order to strike a chord with middle class families who could not easily afford  a family meal at a five star hotel, the brand created a ‘Moments of Happiness’ campaign ably supported by good public relations to help families realise the dream of a luxury dinner. Not only was the response tremendous but the market share shot up.

Working briefly on Kellogg was exciting with a lots to learn about the business of breakfast cereal and managing a weired crisis where a scam consumer rushed to a TV station with an insect infested packet of corn flakes creating a lot of flutter for the brand team. Getting to the root of the issue we managed to diffuse the story and take the consumer to task who had created a tale from nowhere to get some cheap publicity and earn a quick buck. All this happens in India.

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