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102 Upbringing !

May 6, 2011

I was reading the latest issue of Newsweek this morning and two articles (links below) about two famous men struck a chord. Both had amazing mothers and that’s what makes them what they are. One is President of the world’s major superpower and the other will be King of the UK in a few years.

Contrasting personalities but so much commonality. My takeaway is that an individual is made up of several factors but the one that contributes the most is Upbringing and the influence one has during his or her formative years – ages 2-9. There could be exceptions to the rule.

Mothers do a play an important role in what the child aspires to be.  I can vouch for that from personal experience. This is the week when Mothers Day is celebrated and it is not  a coincidence how two articles about two men talk of the greatness of their mothers.

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