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May 6, 2011

For the last couple of years we have been hearing of the evolution of Paid, Owned and Earned Media. Companies that offer advertising solutions, PR counsel and media planning & buying services are metamorphosing into being consultancies or agencies of the future who focus on one of these and offer the other two. The title of the blog comes from the first letter of  Paid, Owned and Earned.

So today, a PR firm can offer clients an idea that looks like a paid piece of communication, an ad agency can come up with an idea that is on the lines of a advertorial or a media planning company can create properties that the client owns. The lines are getting blurred and the business models will change drastically.  Those firms that can offer all the three by being experts on any one will be the leaders of the consumer attention economy. Integrated marketing communication will be built on this premise.

for practitioners of marketing communications and reputation management it is imperative to learn a little of all the three and be masters of one. Clients will seek ideas from everyone and go with those who can best execute them. Are you equipped enough to be a trusted advisor and capable implementer?

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  1. Ambika permalink
    December 14, 2011 7:05 am

    since morning i have been reading your posts and trust me I have sent at least 3 mails to my office common email ids with links to some of your posts…such good reads with amazing insights!

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